“Growing Together”

2022 MABA-MGEA Convention and Pesticide Workshop
Heritage Inn – Great Falls, Montana

January 26 – January 28, 2022

Tuesday, January 25th   

1:00    Trade Show Set Up Begins in Convention Area at Heritage Inn

          Registration Desk Open until 5 p.m. by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show

4:30    MABA/MGEA Boards of Directors Meeting 


Wednesday, January 26th   

7:15  Registration Desk Open

7:30    Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show 

Pesticide Recertification Agronomic Workshop  American-Britain-Canadian Rooms

SPONSOR: Corteva

Pesticide Credits – Dlr-3, Ag Plant-3, SeedTreat-1, D&R-3/CCA-3 IPM

Moderators:  Hoversland, Weatherhead

8:00  Seed Treat Application Do’s and Don’ts– (Myth: Seed Care Controls Hoppers) Panel Discussion,  Bill O’ Haire and Craig Reed.

9:00    Disease of the Year, Uta McKelvy, MSU

10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR: Koch Fertilizer

10:30 Row Crop Disease Control (Sugar Beets, Potatoes, Pulse), Oscar Perez-Hernandez

11:30 BUFFET LUNCH in Trade Show   SPONSOR: Lallemand
Moderator:  Dighans

Congressional Updates - Tester (staff), Daines (staff)

12:30  Joint Session  American-Britain-Canadian Rooms –      


Moderators: Baguley, Reed

Montana Innovation Hub for Agriculture Technology – Errol Rice, Pacer Capital, LLC and Krista Lee Evans, MABA/MGEA Executive Director 


Grain Session, Montana/Alberta Rooms

Moderator:  Daniel Nichols

1:30   OSHA Update – Jess McCluer, National Grain and Feed

Joint Session, American-Britain-Canadian Rooms –

Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Vert. Pest-1, D&R-1, Ind Inst Struct & HR-1, School IPM-1, Rodent-1

Moderators:  Hager

2:30  Control of Commensal Rodents on the Farm & Ranch, Stephen Vantassel

Afternoon and Evening: 

3:30  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR: TKI

Social Hour: SPONSOR:  Helena Ag & Molson Coors

Raffle of a “Master Piece Arms 9 mm” and a spotting scope  before 5:30 p.m.  SPONSOR:  Centrol & Montana Rail Link

7:00    Evening on Your Own


Thursday,  January 27th  

6:30    Prayer Breakfast – Willow Creek Restaurant

7:30    Registration Desk Open by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show

Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show

Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain Rooms

Moderators:  Helmer, Brattain

8:00   Micronutrients in Pulses and Oilseeds, Jarrett Chambers    CCA-1 NM

9:00  Phosphorous Management some myths and facts and general knowledge, Alan Blaylock   CCA-1 NM

10:00 Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Heartland Ag

10:30 Soil & Tissue Sample Test Interpretation, Markus Braaten, Yara   CCA-1 NM

Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms

Moderators:  Daniel Nichols

8:00   Labor Economics, Dr. Diane Charlton, MSU

9:00  BNSF Update, Matt Jones, Director of Public Affairs

10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Heartland Ag

10:30  MGEA Annual Meeting – Montana/Alberta Rooms


12:00 BUFFET LUNCH SPONSOR:  Novozymes

12:00  New Agriculture Professionals Lunch - Lewis and Clark Rooms       CCA-1 PD

Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain Rooms

Moderators:  Yates

1:00  Carbon Credit 101 Panel Discussion- Steve Carlsen- CHS, Markus Braaten – Yara   CCA-1.5 SW

2:30   Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Montana Metal Fabrications

3:00     Seed placed fertilizer, Brian L. Beres PhD, PAg   CCA-1 NM

Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms

Moderators:  Katelin, Reed

1:00  Confined Space/Engulfment Training, Kevin Shea, Glacier Rescue

2:00  New Varieties, Jamie Sherman, MSU

2:30  Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR: Montana Metal Fabrications

3:00  PNW Update, Kurt Haarmann, CGI

4:00 Trade Show Social Hour:  SPONSOR: Busch Ag

 Evening Event, American-Britain-Canadian SPONSOR:  BASF & FMC

Moderator:  Dighans, Standley

  5:00 Doors Open – Silent Auction Items and Social --

  5:15  Evening Kick Off – Remarks from Congressman Rosendale

  5:30  Banquet Begins – Silent Auction Throughout
Wine/Microbrew Station SPONSOR:  Nutrien

  6:00 John Tiegen – Team Never Quit

  7:00  Live Auction of Major Items –Willie Krueger


Friday, January 28th    

 Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain - SPONSOR: CHS Inc

Pesticide Credits – Dlr-2, Ag Plant-2, Forest-1, O & T-1, ROW-1,D&R-2, Ind Inst S & HR-1, SU-1, School IPM-1, Reg Weed-2

Moderators:  Joel Farkell, Jeff Farkell

8:00     Residual Herbicide Damage, Tim Seipel   CCA-1 IPM

9:00   Biologicals and Soil Health, Jed Eberly MAES    CCA-1 SW

10:00 Range and Pasture Update, Claire Volk Corteva    CCA-1 CM

11:00   Canola Variety Trials, Nutrient Management, Clint Beiermann, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, Northwestern Ag Research Center               CCA-.5 CM, .5 NM

12:00  Convention Concludes    


Board Meetings, Montana-Alberta Rooms

  9:00  Montana Grain Elevator Association

11:00  Montana Agricultural Business Association

12:00  MABA-MGEA Joint Board Meeting Evaluating Convention