Competing in a Global Market at Home” 


2024 MABA-MGEA Convention and Pesticide Workshop   
Heritage Inn – Great Falls, Montana  

January 24 – January 26, 2024  


Tuesday, January 23rd      

1:00    Trade Show Set Up Begins in Convention Area at Heritage Inn  

Registration Desk Open until 5 p.m. by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show  

3:30    MABA/MGEA Boards of Directors Meeting    

Wednesday, January 24th     

7:15    Registration Desk Open

7:30    Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show      

 Pesticide Recertification Agronomic WorkshopAmerican-Britain-Canadian Rooms


 SPONSOR:  CHS Agronomy        

Moderators:   James Baguley, Christian Guenthner

 8:00  New Product Update, Joe Yenish, Integrated Field Scientist, Corteva  

            MT- Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

 9:00    Seed Treat – Mixing Micronutrients and Seed Treatments, Jarrett Chambers, ATP

           MT- Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Seed Treatment-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1 

            WY- 1 Credit

10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Corteva Agriscience Range and Pasture

10:30  Mode of Action v. Binding Site; Group 4 (Growth Regulator) HerbicidesJoe Yenish, Integrated Field Scientist, Corteva 

            MT- Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

            WY – 1.5 Credit

11:30  BUFFET LUNCH in Trade Show   SPONSOR:   Heartland Ag Systems

Moderator:    Jake Yates 

Congressional Updates – Senator Daines, Senator Tester, Congressman Rosendale, Congressman Zinke

 12:30  Joint Session  American-Britain-Canadian Rooms –  Sponsor: Bayer

 Moderators:    Justin Hager & Tanner Hoversland

12:30  Pro-Selling – A Professional Approach to Selling in Agriculture and Other Industries, Dr. Scott Downey 



Grain Session, Montana/Alberta Rooms  

 Moderator:   Jayson Hauer 

 1:30    National Grain and Feed Update, Jess Mclure

          WY- 1 Credit

Joint Session, American-Britain-Canadian Rooms –    

Moderators:     Reed Gibson & Luke Neal

 2:30    Thermal Imaging, Jon Nash, Nash Electric

 CCA – 1CM

 Afternoon and Evening:    

 3:30    Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:    Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC

Social Hour SPONSOR:  Helena AgriEnterprises & Molson Coors

 Raffle of a 1911 and Quinn's Hot Springs Gift Card before 5:30pm  

 SPONSOR:   Centrol Crop Consulting & Winfield United

 6:00    Evening on Your Own   

Thursday,  January 25th    

6:30    Prayer Breakfast –  Room 200  SPONSOR: Fehringer Agricultural Consulting

7:30    Registration Desk Open by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show  

Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show   

Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain Rooms –   

Moderators:    Marcus Weatherhead

8:00    Utilization of Chloride and Sulfur in Montana Crops, Alan Blaylock, Nutrien

           CCA- 1NM

9:00    Application of Sensor Technology to the Identification and Control of Herbicide Resistant Weeds – Paul Nugent, MSU Precision Agriculture

            MT-Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

WY- 1 Credit


10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR: Heartland Ag Systems

10:30  Measuring Spray Water Quality and Improving Ag Chem Efficacy Along with Proper Herbicide Application to Avoid Landowner Complaints in Developed Areas - Karl Wyant, Nutrien 

MT- Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Aerial-1, Ag Plant Pest-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

WY- 1.5 Credit


Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms –   

Moderators:    Derek Gibson

8:00    PNW Update – Justin Beach, Columbia Grain 

9:00    BNSF Update - Brendan Camey, BNSF 

10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Heartland Ag Systems

10:30  MGEA Annual Meeting – Montana/Alberta Rooms  

11:30  MABF Annual Meeting, Montana/Alberta Rooms 


12:00  New Agriculture Professionals Meet and Greet - Lewis and Clark Rooms,   SPONSOR: Atticus

Moderator:    Johnnie Scott

Agronomy Sessions,American-Britain Rooms 

Moderator:    Don Soper

1:00         MAES Research Needs and Opportunities, Darrin Boss, Associate Director of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, and Assistant Dean of Research Development

             CCA – 1PD

 2:00    Inflation and Inflation Policy and its Effects on Agriculture, Joe Atwood, MSU Ag Economics

          CCA – 5CM

2:30    Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:   Columbia Grain

3:00    IPM and Herbicide Tolerant Weeds, Tim Seipel, MSU 

              MT- Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, ROW-1, D&R-1, Reg Weed-1, Private Ag Pest-1 

WY- 1 Credit


Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms  

Moderator:    Brad Kantorowicz

1:00    Understanding NASS Reports, Eric Sommers, NASS

2:00    Site Security, Troy Baumert, ASI Systems 

2:30    Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Columbia Grain

3:00    Control of Mice and Rats, Stephen Vantassel, MT Department of Agriculture

MT - Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Seed Treat-1, PHP-1, D&R-1, IISH-1, IPM-1, Rod-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

WY- 1 Credit

4:00 Trade Show Social Hour:  SPONSOR:  Busch Agriculture Resources

Evening Event, American-Britain-Canadian SPONSOR:  Corteva

Moderators: Jake Yates & Jayson Hauer  

5:00  Doors Open – Silent Auction Items and Social --   

 5:15  Evening Kick Off  

5:30  Banquet Begins – Silent Auction Throughout   
Wine/Microbrew Station


6:00 Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Kevin Elko   

SPONSORS:  ATP, CHS Big Sky, CHS Mountain West

7:00  Live Auction of Major Items –Willie Krueger   

Friday, January 26th     

Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain - SPONSOR:     

Moderators:   Jeff Farkell & Joel Farkell 


8:00    Soil Biology – Jed Eberly, CARC

          CCA – 1SW

9:00    Changing Cultural Practices to Enhance Natural Sawfly Management – David Weaver, MSU

MT-Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, and Private Ag Pest-1

WY- 1 Credit


10:00  Establishment and Management of Cover Crops and forages in Dryland         

            Applications – Mitch Ereaux, Nutrien

          WY- 1 Credit


11:00   Role of Cover Crops in Regenerative Ag – Katie Vogel, North 40

          WY- Credit


12:00  Convention Concludes      

Board Meetings

9:00    Montana Grain Elevator Association – Montana/Alberta Room 

9:00    Montana Agricultural Business Association - Room 200  

11:00  MABA-MGEA Joint Board Meeting -  Montana/Alberta Room