Montana Agricultural Business Association
2021 Board of Directors, Committee Chairs

Luke Dighans, President Pro Co-op Ag Center
PO Box 847
Scobey, MT 59263
406-487-2742 (o)
406-783-8549 (c)
At Large, Term Expires 2022


Jake Yates, Vice President
1614 Cinch Rd
Billings, MT 59105
(406) 696-7942 (c)
Plant Food, Term Expires 2024


Johnnie Scott, Secretary
Syngenta Crop Protection
3425 7th Ave. North
Great Falls, MT 59404
(406) 453-5004 (o)
(406) 217-3120 (c)
Plant Protection, Term Expires 2023


Tanner R. Hoversland, Treasurer
Moore Farmers Oil
PO Box 120
Moore, MT 59464
406-350-0455 (c) / 406-374-2555 (o)
                                At Large, Term Expires 2024

James Baguley
Corteva Agriscience
704 Park Ave
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406)407-0827 (c)
Plant Food, Term Expires 2023

Tim Tackes
514 2nd St
Stevensville MT 59870
At Large, Term Expires 2023

Casey Odom
3355 San Marino Drive
Billings, MT 59101
At Large, Term Expires 2023

Marcus Weatherhead
1545 Northern Ave
Worden, MT 59088
406-690-3946 (c)
Plant Protection, Term Expires 2024

Dan Brattain
Helena Agri Enterprises.
PO Box 1711
Great Falls, MT 59401
Plant Food, Term Expires 2022

Don Soper
CHS Big Sky
PO Box 990
Havre, MT 59501
406-265-2275 (o)
406-945-0945 (c)
At Large, Term Expires 2022

Burl Brawley
Helena Agri Enterprises
6201 18th Ave. North
Great Falls, MT 59405
Plant Protection, Term Expires 2022

Ryan Helmer
Wilbur Ellis
60 Meridian Ln
Vaughn, MT 59487
406-650-1134 (c)
                             At Large, Term Expires 2024


Dr. Sreekala Bajwa
Vice President of Agriculture, MSU
Dean and Director, College of Agriculture and Experiment Stations
202 Linfield Hall, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2870
406-994-3681 (o)

Dr. Clain Jones
PO Box 173120
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3120
406-994-6076 (o) 406-994-3933 (f)

Krista Lee Evans
PO Box 7325
Helena, MT 59604
406-227-3523 (o) 
406-439-2215 (c)
Executive Director

MABA Committees and Task Forces:


Exec. Committee:

            Luke Dighans, Chair, Jake Yates, Johnnie Scott, Tanner Hoversland

Finance Committee:

            Tanner Hoversland, Chair, Don Soper, Marcus Weatherhead, James Baguley


            Tim Tackes, Chair, Dan Brattain, Burl Brawley, Casey Odom, Ryan Helmer

Task Forces:

Transportation, Safety and Security:

 Burl Brawley, chair; Dan Brattain, Al Calkin, Don Soper, Jake Yates


Jake Yates, chair; Don Soper, Jeff Farkell, Clain Jones, Brad Weaver, Uta Mckelvy, Arleen Rice, Joe Yenish, Joel Farkell, Rory Ruffner, Lisa Dorrington, Luke Dighans, Dan Brattain, Chris Barge, Burl Brawley, Michael Choriki, Casey Odom, Marcus Weatherhead

Legislative and Regulatory:

Tanner Hoversland, chair; Curtis Hershberger, Arleen Rice, Ryan Lammers, Ryan Holt, Russ Miner, Johnnie Scott, Ryan Helmer, Jake Yates, Dan Brattain, Kerry Yates, Nichole Drake, Andy Lybeck, Chris Barge, Tim Tackes

Biotech and Pollinator Health

Dan Brattain, chair; Ryan Helmer, Nichole Drake, Curt Droogsma, Ryan Holt, Matt Smith, Joe Yenish, Luke Dighans, Arleen Rice, Johnnie Scott, Andy Lybeck, Joel Farkell


Johnnie Scott, chair; Arleen Rice, Jake Yates, Chris Barge, Matt Smith, Nichole Drake

Ag Leadership/Education

Johnnie Scott, chair; Luke Dighans, Matt Smith, Stacey Terrill, Ryan Helmer, Nichole Drake, Dan Brattain, Tanner Hoversland, Mackenzie Smith, Sierra Cosineau, Marcus Weatherhead, James Baguley