Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship

The Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship has long been an MABA activity - one that the association has been very proud to promote and support.  Starting in 2017, MABA and its membership worked hard to establish the Montana Agricultural Business Foundation (MABF).  The MABF was formally established in the fall of 2018 and is now in operation.

One of the benefits of MABF is that it is organized as a charitable foundation therefore removing any question regarding the appropriateness of providing scholarships to our membership and their children.  In 2019, the Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship transitioned away from MABA and to MABF for administration and granting.  This is a great opportunity for MABA members to provide funding to MABF to bolster these types of activities. 

The current MABF Board of Directors include:   Nathan Brooks, President Tom Burtchett, V. President Billi Taylor, Treasurer Danica Kluth, Secretary Katie Ratzburg, Nichole Drake, Branden Stone, Amelia Siroky, Shane Barrett and Krista Lee Evans.   Please reach out to any of them for additional information or to provide funding for the foundation and its activities.


Three $2500 scholarships will be awarded to students in pursuit of post-secondary education.

Scholarships are not limited to in-state schools or to any field of study. The applicant or legal guardian of applicant must be employed a minimum of 800 hours per calendar year or be retired from a career with a business that is currently a member of the Montana Agricultural Business Association and its adjoining states.  A student receiving a scholarship may reapply for subsequent years but will not be awarded a scholarship more than twice.  

DEADLINE: May 15, 2024